Aarons Furniture Rental Agreement

We really want to help you build the house of your dreams, which is why we have a beautiful living room, dining room and bedroom kits in many different styles and sizes. Whether you`re looking for a modern bedroom suite, a casual lounge kit, a queen mattress or even the perfect rug that complements what you already have, we have something for you. And because we believe that beautiful furniture should be accessible to all, we also offer affordable monthly rental plans, designed for your monthly budget. Help us create your perfect home! Children can be tough on their furniture! From jumping on the bed to building pillow fasteners, you`ll want something that can survive play time. But practicality doesn`t mean you have to give up style! At Aaron, we offer stackable bunk beds for kids and fun options that are over-worthy. We think your room may be the most important room in your home, so we want to help you make it as comfortable as possible. If you want everything to be okay, we have a full rent for room furniture kits that include a bed, dresser, headboard and bedside table. But if you prefer to rent individual pieces or if you already have some objects, we also offer collections in 3 parts, in 4 parts, in 5 parts and in 7 parts! And don`t forget your mattress. We have affordable twin mattresses, full suits, queen and king with boxing feathers to complete your bedroom. Look at our mattress buying guide to find the right one for you. If you`re in the market for brand new furniture, electronics and appliances, renting is a great option that allows you to avoid large prepayments by making affordable monthly payments. And once all your payments are made, you own it. We rent all the furniture you need to make your home a home.

Among our furniture: If you have a small room, it can be difficult to find furniture that works without feeling squealed. But at Aaron,200 of our furniture that can work in confined spaces, so it shouldn`t be impossible to furnish your apartment or a small room! If a dining table in your kitchen may not work, slide bar stools to the counter and you have a simple, affordable and space-saving solution. We believe that there is the highest quality furniture where function and design meet, which is why we wear the best brands in furniture like Ashley Furniture, Woodhaven and Elements International. As an industry leader in home furnishings, Ashley Furniture is an elegant solution for every room in your home. And since 1971, Woodhaven has set the highest standards for quality and accessibility with handmade wooden furniture, stain-resistant fabrics and affordable mattress mattresses. At Aaron, we allow you to rent furniture from the brands you love with our affordable rental plans. If you feel that we have not complied with these Terms of Use, please contact us at Aaron`s, LLC, Legal Department, 400 Galleria Pkwy SE, Suite 300, Atlanta, Georgia 30339 or privacy@aarons.com.